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Percussive notes & Percussionist Cheryl Riley 23 Aug 2005 21:05 UTC


I'm wondering if anyone can clarify this situation for me.  I do not
have print copies to work from, just microfiche.  I can't seem to find a
logical progression of the records in OCLC--it appears to me that there
is a circular problem here.

OCLC #3634750 - Percussionist v. 1-17 1963-1980
OCLC #8118009 - Percussive notes. |p Research edition: Percussionist.
v.18, no.1 (Fall 1980)-v.19, no. 2 (Mar. 1982.
OCLC #11051689 - Percussive notes. |p Research edition v. 19, no. 3 Fall
OCLC #1762096 - Percussive notes Began in 1962 z New serial titles

It appears to me that something is wrong with the last the
beginning date?  For the linking entries to work, the last record would
have started in 1982 or 1983 (at least in my mind)

Each of the four records have been authenticated by nsdp lc --

I'm hoping someone has these issues in print and can update the
record(s) appropriately.  I can change them in my local catalog, but
that doesn't help the next person with the question...


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