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ECCB : The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography Chris Blackman 02 Nov 2005 19:42 UTC

Shouldn't a new record be created for this title change from _The
Eighteenth Century_ (ISSN 0161-0996, LCCN 79644920, and OCLC # 3834722).
This current record is still open with latest issue consulted N.s. vol.
26 (2000), and was last replaced in June of this year. It is the LIC,
the replaced date, and the fact that the ISSN still hasn't changed (I
have n.s. v. 27 (2001) in hand) that give me pause even though the
current record has:

245  04 The Eighteenth century
246 13 ECCB
246 18 Eighteenth century current bibliography
500   "A current bibliography."

and the items in hand beginning with v. 26 have title pages that read:

ECCB The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography

According to my reading of CCM for major changes in title, the
comparison should be made to the 245 alone.  As I see it, if this we're
applied a new record would have been created starting with the N.s. vol.
26 (2000) [copyrighted 2004].  That issue's preface even states "We will
henceforth publish our bibliography under the title/ ECCB: The
Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography/."

Am I wrong on this. Can someone please advise. I will gladly create the
new record, but a CONSER library will have to close the old if that is
the route to go.



Christine W. Blackman
Catalog Librarian
Williams College Libraries
Williamstown, MA  01267