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Graphis (Rich Crank) Ann Ercelawn 03 Nov 2005 20:44 UTC

I'm curious as to how libraries subscribing to Graphis plan to
handle the 2006 change described at when subscribing to the entire set
of "new titles."  A co-worker believes it will be a title change
but I can't really see that since the new format continues the
numbering and the major change is that indivdual nos. within each
year are going to be dedicated to a theme & region and will be
subscribable in individual groups (i.e. libraries can buy
individual sections).  This seems more to me like titles (e.g.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta) that have parallel tracks of
individually-titled sections within each year so that the numbering
is non-sequential until all issues are received for the year.
Unfortunately, the website doesn't indicate whether there will also
be separate numbering for the three sections.  Thanks in advance
for any insights on this.

Rich Crank
Serial Records Team Leader, Acquisitions/Serials Dept.
University of Kansas Libraries
(785) 864-8944