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Re: journals sorted by political slant Diane Dudley (04 Nov 2005 16:04 UTC)

Re: journals sorted by political slant Diane Dudley 04 Nov 2005 16:04 UTC

Was it followed by "Forhes500 Mediaguide"?

"A critical review of the media"--Cover.
"A review of the nation's most important journalists"--Cover.

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There used to be a wonderful published source, Mediaguide : a critical
review of the media, edited by Jude Wanniski and published by Polyconomics.
It included not only evaluations of journals, but also of journalists,
columnists, newspapers, broadcast media, commentators, etc.  Unfortunately,
the last edition published was in 1992.  I still miss having a current

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>>> dbrautig@WESTMINSTER.EDU 11/4/2005 10:09:22 AM >>>

Hello, Julia -
        Funny you should mention that.........  A long time ago (i.e., back
in the nineteen seventies) our periodical librarian devised such a list,
mostly for her own and her assistant's use although she did share it with me
and maybe some of the other librarians then on Reference duty.  I probably
have a copy yet, although 'twould be much outdated. Nevertheless your
inquiry brings back some happy memories.

                            -  David Brautigam
                               Periodicals/Science Libn.
                               Westminster College
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>>> Julia.Todd@BAKERU.EDU 11/3/2005 6:10 PM >>>

Does anyone know of or has anyone created a list of policy oriented
journals subdivided by political affiliation? I know that the reference
book Magazines for Libraries annotates journals and describes biases
here, but I wondered if anyone on this listserv has created a public
policy research guide that instead of dividing periodicals by scholarly,
popular, and trade, divided by political slant, left-wing, right-wing,

Just curious.

Julia Todd
Electronic Services Librarian
Baker University
Baldwin City, KS 66006