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Re: ISSN question Nancy Chaffin (17 Nov 2005 16:37 UTC)

Re: ISSN question Nancy Chaffin 17 Nov 2005 16:37 UTC


Thanks so much for this information. Don't know how I missed it before!


Regina Reynolds wrote:
> Nancy and all--
> There are several reasons for the situations you mention.  To begin with,
> whether a serial is current or ceased, it can be assigned an ISSN.  The
> ISSN does not have to be printed on a serial to be a valid and current
> ISSN.  Yes, JSTOR is requesting ISSN for serials it is digitizing
> retrospectively.  JSTOR is producing reproductions for the purpose of
> providing libraries with surrogates for print journals.  These kinds of
> reproductions carry the ISSN of the original, as has long been the policy
> for microform reproductions.
> If the journal has never been issued in an online edition, that is, a
> parallel to the print election edition issued by (or under the auspices
> of) the original publisher, it would not be assigned a separate ISSN for
> the electronic edition, since, in fact, there never was a separately
> published electronic edition.
> There have been various discussions about the policy for ISSN assignment
> to digital reproductions within the ISSN Network but this is the current
> policy.  Perhaps when the revised ISSN standard, including provisions for
> a "Medium-Neutral ISSN (MNI)" is approved and implemented, some of these
> issues can be resolved by use of the MNI, which will be the same for all
> manifestations of a journal
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