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Re: Vendor problem Joseph Marino (17 Nov 2005 17:48 UTC)

Re: Vendor problem Joseph Marino 17 Nov 2005 17:48 UTC

I've been contacting Jaeger on a regular basis for a few years and
usually get replies fairly quickly.  I emailed them recently and the
email bounced.  I called and left 2 messages with Customer
Service.  After reading your message today, I opted to let my call go
through to the operator.  When I did, I was connected, without human
intervention, back to the Customer Service number I had previously
left messages.  As I was composing this email, I received a phone
call from Susan at Jaeger, saying their email is still down and to
fax our back issue requests.  The fax number she gave me is (631) 543-1537.

Joe Marino

At 10:03 AM 11/17/2005, you wrote:
>Last week I received a letter from Central Transport Company informing
>me that they had exhausted their means of collecting shipping fees from
>Alfred Jaeger, Inc. and, according to ICC rules and regulations, fees
>could be reversed to my library.
>If you are not familiar with Jaeger, they are a back issue supplier who
>will accept back issues for a credit and according to their web site,
>will "absorb all shipping costs.  Motor Freight are sent collect."  The
>collection notice was from a shipment sent by my library to Jaeger on
>Sept. 2004 and the shipping costs were nearly $500.
>Neither my calls nor the library's account manager's calls have been
>Has anyone else run into this?
>Cindy Swope
>Himmelfarb Library
>George Washington University

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