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Colonial Williamsburg Lynne Weaver 18 Nov 2005 15:43 UTC

This title has had a couple of publication pattern changes.  Mark
Jacobs, Managing Editor, was helpful in sorting it out.

v.25 no.4 was Winter 2003/2004.

In 2004 there were four issues:  v.26 no.1 Spring, no.2 Summer, no.3
Autumn, and no.4 Christmas.

In 2005 there are five issues:  v.27 no.1 Winter, no.2 Spring, no.3
Summer, no.4 Autumn, and no.5 Christmas.

(The masthead declaration of six issues includes an unnumbered issue not
part of our subscriptions.)

For v.28 2006 and continuing, the plan is for five numbered issues, with
chronology the same as 2005.

Thanks, Mark!

Lynne N. Weaver

Serials Coordinator

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Randolph-Macon Woman's College

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Lynchburg, VA  24503

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