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Re: QEUSTION ON WEEDING / DISCARDING Carol Morse 18 Nov 2005 20:10 UTC

For books, if you can obtain newer editions of a title, it is easier to justify weeding the older one. I
Or if it's out of date, like old medical and nursing books, that might hurt someone if they followed them. We send older books that we want to keep to another storage room. That's a good solution if you have another place near-by.
Hope this helps,
Carol Morse

Carol Morse
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>>> jmunyoro@SARDC.NET 11/18/05 2:26 AM >>>
I am a student intern at a resource centre in Harare. My qeustion is, Is there a difference between weeding and discarding? How can you, as a librarian, justify the relevance of weeding to the top management that is against discarding materials.Are there any strong altenatives to weeding inorder  to deal with the problem of space.
Thank you.