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Claiming procedure (Was: What to expect from a subscription service) Skwor, Jeanette 21 Nov 2005 16:07 UTC

Marilyn Carney said:
I have discovered that there can be so many reasons for not receiving
journals on time or for not getting them at all. Have you check the
frequency of the journal, that is, how many times it is published per
year? And some publishers are very behind in their publishing of certain
journals. We subscribe to a music journal of which I have submitted
several claims only to found out recently that the 2003 issue has just
been published.

***Before I claim anything, I have a student check other library
catalogues to see if they received it and if possible, when.  (I like
the Innovative libraries :)  I have about 7 libraries on the toolbar and
generally search 3 - one in an adjoining state which seems to mirror
pretty much of our title list, a large one in state and a 3rd in another
adjoining state which, for some reason, seems to get things before
anyone else.  If one or more doesn't subs, I turn to another library.

***While it may take more time in the short run, it saves much in the
long run - not just time, but correspondence and frustration, neither of
which I seem to have a dearth of anyway.  Not to mention that when I
claim something and get a sassy letter from the pub saying it's not out
yet, I have an instantaneous and self-righteous comeback.  :-)

Jeanette L. Skwor
Cofrin Library
University of WI-Green Bay
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"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will
get you through times of no libraries."
                              Anne Herbert, The Whole Earth Catalog