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locked file cabinet Janie Jones 15 Feb 2006 22:36 UTC

Help!  I have a microform file cabinet with Accuride slides, but I cannot
tell the manufacturer other than that.  Only one (1) of the 8 or 9 drawers
will open.  On the front inside edge, in addition to other warnings, it says
"Do not override lock."  At this point I would LOVE to override the lock/s,
but how? How?  On the side edge of a drawer is a little upside-down V that
moves another little V-thing on the inside of the cabinet, and I think that
is the locking mechanism, but who knows.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

Janie S. Jones

Periodicals Librarian

Dick Smith Library

Box T-0450

Tarleton State University

Stephenville TX 76402