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Re: Computer Graphics. Borchert, Carol Ann 16 Feb 2006 18:26 UTC

Sigh.  They're not taking "full advantage of the Web" if they don't
offer IP authentication to the institutions that have subscribed to it
in the past and we end up having to cancel our subscription as a result.

Carol Ann

Carol Ann Borchert, MLS, MA
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>From the ACM Digital Library
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics
Volume 39 ,  Issue 2  (May 2005)
COLUMN: From the editor
Pages: 2 - 3
Year of Publication: 2005

"The end... and the beginning!"

"The decision to no longer present this
wonderful content in printed form, and offer it exclusively on our
organization's site at, was not an easy one."

"The End of an Era
The May 2005 issue signals the end of the ACM SIGGRAPH print newsletter
Computer Graphics. Fondly referred to over the years as the "quarterly,"
Computer Graphics now moves to electronic publication only at
"This change presents a number of new
opportunities, allowing us to bring you additional and varied content in
a much more timely manner," announced ACM SIGGRAPH Director of
Publications Stephen N. Spencer in the February issue. "We're looking
forward to providing you information that's important to you and in a
manner that takes full advantage of the Web."

Martha Gunnarson
Assistant Director, Serials
Gordon Library, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Subject: [SERIALST] Computer Graphics.


Does anyone have any information on the status of the Association for
Computing Machinery publication Computer Graphics? We transferred this
to a vendor beginning with 2006, and the vendor has just informed us
that this title is now online-only and restricted to a single user.

Since I couldn't find it in ACM's list of publications I called them and
was told it had "always been" a Springer title and that any questions
about it should be directed to Springer. Springer doesn't have any
information about the title at all.

Thank you very much.

Christopher Allen Waldrop
Serials Coordinator
Order Services Department
Vanderbilt University Library
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