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Re: The state of serials today Micheline Brown 22 Feb 2006 14:07 UTC

Dear Carrie,

I would recommend "Serials" by Lauren E. Corbett in Library Resources &
Technical Services, vol. 50, no.1 (January 2006), pages 16-20.  Although it
is a "Review of the Literature, 2000-2003", the topics mentioned in the
review are still very relevant (since 2003).  And, the References could be
extremely helpful.

I would also recommend that she try to attend the Charleston Conference next
November.  Even though the focus is not completely serials, she will find
out current practices and cutting-edge developments for acquistions,
publishing, access, etc. for books and serials (in all formats).  The web
address for the conference is:


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Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 8:46 AM
Subject: [SERIALST] The state of serials today

> Due to restructuring I have a new supervisor and she has made a very
> interesting request which I thought I would pose here, as many of us
> would be interested and it may spark an interesting discussion.  In the
> past she has not done in-depth work with serials and expressed a desire
> to be brought up to speed on the state of serials today.  She isn't
> looking for anything too detailed, rather she would like the "executive
> summary."  Clearly a tricky request to fill since serials is so
> multi-faceted.  So, my question is, where would one go to obtain such
> information?  I'm going to assume that there is not one place.  Could
> anyone recommend journals, articles, websites, or books that may help me
> bring her up to speed in a broad way?
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