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Re: The state of serials today Susan Davis 22 Feb 2006 14:52 UTC

I must admit I had a good chuckle at the idea of an "executive summary" on
serials.  There is so much that could be covered: acquisitions, cataloging,
electronic journal management, scholarly publishing, ILS serials modules,
holdings, and so forth that it's pretty overwhelming.

In addition to Lauren's article noted below, I would also suggest scanning
the NASIG conference proceedings from the past 20 years (although the 20th
isn't out yet) to see what topics were covered; the workshops in particular
provide a good perspective for the practical, day to day, side of serials
work.  Haworth Press publishes the proceedings as issues of the Serials
Librarian, or they can be purchased as a stand alone monograph. If you are
a NASIG member, you have access via the members only site ( (
I can also put in a shameless plus for a NASIG preconference that Beverley
Geer and myself did called Serials Boot Camp, published in the proceedings
of the 19th conference.)  NASIG also has developed a series of guides that
may be helpful.

There are several seminal publications by Marcia Tuttle that would provide
a good fundamental understanding of the principles of serials control, and
even if you think they are dated, I would still recommend them.

Managing Serials (1996) published by JAI Press

And my personal favorite is her article in LRTS "The Serials Manager's
Obligation" v.31, April 1987, p.135-47.

She also edited Advances in Serials Management for its first 5 volumes,
before other experts took over the editorial role.  I also recommend
reviewing the topics covered in that series that ceased in 2000.

Journals to scan include: LRTS, Serials Review, the Serials Librarian, and
Library Collections and Technical Services.

Good luck!


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> There was a good over view of the state of serials in the January 2006
> issue of Library Resources & Technical Services by Lauren E. Corbett.
> This would be a good place to start.
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> Due to restructuring I have a new supervisor and she has made a very
> interesting request which I thought I would pose here, as many of us
> would be interested and it may spark an interesting discussion.  In the
> past she has not done in-depth work with serials and expressed a desire
> to be brought up to speed on the state of serials today.  She isn't
> looking for anything too detailed, rather she would like the "executive
> summary."  Clearly a tricky request to fill since serials is so
> multi-faceted.  So, my question is, where would one go to obtain such
> information?  I'm going to assume that there is not one place.  Could
> anyone recommend journals, articles, websites, or books that may help me
> bring her up to speed in a broad way?
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