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OA Registries: ROAR, ROARMAP and ROMEO Stevan Harnad 22 Feb 2006 15:36 UTC

Here are three (lately re-named) OA Registries that we hope the OA
community will find useful (and will use!):

    (1) ROAR is the Registry of Open Access Repositories:

If your institution has an OA repository (Archive) (OA IR) please register
it in ROAR. The growth of your IR's contents will then be tracked by ROAR,
which will allow you to generate many valuable comparative statistics and
analyses on OA growth worldwide. (There are currently 312 institutional
IRs registered in ROAR, along with 63 cross-institutional [subject-based]
archives and 63 thesis archives.) Creator of ROAR: Tim Brody, Eprints,
Southampton University.

See also ROAR's sister project, OpenDOAR:

    (2) ROARMAP is the Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving

If your institution has an OA IR *and* an OA self-archiving policy
(whether a recommended one or a required one) please register and describe
your institution's policy in ROARMAP. This will provide a model and help
hasten the adoption of OA self-archiving policies by other institutions.

Signatories of the Berlin Declaration especially are encouraged to
register their OA policies.
as are signatories of
Budapest Open Access Initiative
as well as the signatories of the PLoS Open Letter

    (3) The ROMEO Journal/Publisher Self-Archiving Policy Directory

The Eprints/ROMEO version of this Directory codes journals'
and publishers' policies on author self-archiving as "green" (93%)
or "gray": Currently, 68% of the registered journals are fully
green (i.e., they endorse postprint self-archiving), 25% are pale-green
(i.e., they endorse preprint self-archiving) and 7% are
(green light to self-archive the refereed postprint are gray (7%).
Self-Archiving of postprints and preprints.

Eprints/Romeo is fed by SHERPA/ROMEO, which is where publishers are
invited to register their policies:

Stevan Harnad