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Re: Integrating resource cataloging question Cheryl Conway 24 Feb 2006 19:54 UTC

I would like to see this proposal seriously considered.  To indicate interest,
who should we contact?

At 07:32 AM 2/24/2006, you wrote:
>In August 2005 the following proposal was sent to several lists for
>comment. If I recall, we did not receive many replies. If there is
>interest in this idea, I can ask the PCC leadership to consider setting up
>a group to look into endorsing/pursuing this.
>Proposal for a Provider-Neutral Record for Online Integrating Resources
>As a follow-up to a discussion at the CONSER Operations meeting in May, I
>invite a wider discussion on a provider neutral approach to cataloging
>integrating resources. The CONSER meeting discussion summary is available
>This would be similar to the aggregator neutral cataloging policy for
>E-Serials. Peter Fletcher presented this topic at the Operations
>meeting and drafted the proposal below. Please read through the proposal
>below and respond to the list or contact Peter directly with your
>comments. Please excuse the cross-postings.
>Specific proposal: establish a provider-neutral record policy, similar to
>the CONSER aggregator-neutral policy, for online integrating resources,
>with the description based, if possible, on an original source of content
>such as the original publisher, or academic society or association. As
>with the CONSER policy, the record would contain information applicable to
>all provider versions, but information on the provider would only appear
>in citing which version the description was based on.
>Discussion: some online integrating resources, normally indexes/databases,
>have a single source, but they often have several service providers.
>Some examples:
>Medline (source: National Library of Medicine; also available via OCLC,
>EBSCO, OVID, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, etc.)
>PAIS international (source Cambridge scientific abstracts; also available
>also via OCLC, OVID/Silverplatter, etc.?)
>Art index/fulltext/abstracts (source Wilson; also available via OCLC
>FirstSearch, others?)
>Sociological abstracts (source CSA; also available via OVID/Silverplatter,
>OCLC FirsSearch, etc.?)
>CINAHL (source: CINAHL Information Systems; also available via OCLC
>FirstSearch, OVID/Silverplatter)
>Education index/full-text/abstracts (source Wilson; also available via
>OCLC FirstSearch)
>ERIC is also a government source, but is available via many
>interfaces/providers such as EBSCO, OCLC FirstSearch, etc.
>Presently, in the utilities, there are many records representing these
>kinds of titles, generally with each based on a different provider, even
>though the essential content is the same. Are we and library patrons well
>served by providing these separate records? If we had one record
>representing these titles, it would save cataloging time when our
>libraries change provider packages or acquire new ones and thus better
>serve the patron with faster maintenance and acquisition of these
>records.  Also, if a library has more than one version of such a title,
>having one OPAC record with multiple URLs might serve patrons better than
>multiple records that contain subtle descriptive differences.
>Some specific differences between provider versions could be noted as
>such: "Some providers have ". Also, ISSN policy works in favor of a
>provider-neutral approach, since only one ISSN will be assigned to only
>one record that represents a particular electronic integrating resource
>title.  And, as with CONSER, for record consolidation, the 936 could be
>used to indicate which records will be deleted.
>Peter will be compiling responses to the proposal, please contact him
>directly if you intend to reply off list. I will be out of the office
>Aug. 8-19. Thanks!
>Les Hawkins
>CONSER Coordinator
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>Peter V. Fletcher
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>Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
>Tulane University
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>On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Steven C Shadle wrote:
> > Nancy -- My understanding is that PCC has not endorsed
> > aggregator-neutral practice for integrating resources.  Because PCC
> > policy is OCLC policy, I would assume at this point you would create a
> > separate record (sigh).  Others who are more in touch with PCC
> > decision-making might have a better sense of any decision status.
> > --Steve
> >
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> > On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Nancy Chaffin wrote:
> >
> > > Hi all
> > >
> > > I understand how the aggregator neutral record works for serials, but
> is there
> > > a similar rule/practice I am missing for integrating resources,
> specifically
> > > abstracting/indexing databases that are offered on different platforms?
> > >
> > > Example:
> > > Our library subscribes to Music Index Online directly from the
> publisher,
> > > Harmonie Park Press. However, we are moving our subscription to the
> Ebsco
> > > version.  There is no catalog record for the resource listing Ebsco
> as the
> > > publisher or with an Ebsco URL.  Should I use the record for
> Harmonie, or
> > > create a new one for Ebsco?
> > >
> > > TIA,
> > >
> > > Nancy
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