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UKSG announces participation in Portico archive Bev Acreman 28 Feb 2006 10:21 UTC

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UKSG announces participation in Portico archive

UKSG - the international group for members of the scholarly
communication industry and Portico - the permanent archive of scholarly
electronic journals - announced today that the UKSG journal, Serials,
would be added to the Portico archive - making UKSG the fifth  publisher
to participate in Portico's innovative electronic journal preservation

A permanent archive of UKSG's peer-reviewed journal Serials will be
added to Portico - a not-for-profit electronic archiving service
launched in 2005 with support from JSTOR
<> , The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
<>, Ithaka <
<> >, and the Library of Congress

Eileen Fenton, Executive Director, of Portico remarked: "Portico and
UKSG share a similar ethos, in that both exist for the general benefit
of all the players in the scholarly communication industry - including
librarians, publishers, intermediaries, aggregators, and technology
companies. Adding Serials to the growing Portico archive will ensure
that future generations of researchers are guaranteed perpetual access
to UKSG's journal. We look forward to working with UKSG".

Keith Courtney, UKSG Chair, commented: "The UKSG is delighted to support
Portico and to benefit from its service. As an organization that exists
to promote development and debate in the scholarly publishing sector,
UKSG wholeheartedly supports Portico's laudable aim of providing a
secure future for the world's peer-reviewed research output."

About Portico:

The mission of Portico is to preserve scholarly literature published in
electronic form and to ensure that these materials remain accessible to
future scholars, researchers, and students.

For more information, contact Toni M Tracy, Director, Publisher
Relations, Portico. Tel. +1 (609) 258 8392. E-mail. <> <>
< <> >

About UKSG:

The UK Serials Group (UKSG) exists to encourage the exchange of ideas on
printed and electronic serials and the process of scholarly

With a membership of nearly 600 organisations, a third of them based
outside the UK, the UKSG engages a broad cross-section of people
concerned with the publication, distribution and use of serials. Members
automatically have access to the well known and internationally
respected  peer-reviewed journal, Serials. Serials covers all aspects of
the scholarly communications chain, and contains topical articles
written by librarians, publishers, aggregators and other experts within
the global serials industry, as well as conference reports, and
editorial comment.

For more information, contact Alison Whitehorn, Business Manager, UK
Serials Group

Tel. +44 (0)1635 254292. E-mail. <>  <
<> >

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