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Re: best journal hosting sites Andrew Waller 28 Feb 2006 15:35 UTC

Belcher, Wendy wrote:

>As the manager of a small academic press, I wanted to trouble the forum
>members with a question a bit off topic (forgive me!). In your opinions
>as serial librarians, which electronic journal hosting sites are the
>"best"? Best being defined as, perhaps, the most responsive, the best
>search capability, the cheapest, the most integrated, and so on.
>We were to have our interdisciplinary (humanities and social science)
>journal hosted by the University of California Press, but they decided
>that adding outside journals was too much trouble and balked at the last
>minute. So I am scrambling to get us online this spring. We used to have
>our content online for free, but we found that libraries started to
>cancel, so we took the content down. We don't have a lot of
>institutional support and depend on subscriptions to survive.
>I gather that these are the various journal hosting options we have:
>HighWire Press: A division of the Stanford University Libraries, which
>hosts lots of journals but seems a bit difficult to figure out

>JStore: Since the older content is free, my impression is that libraries
>may cancel
>Project Muse: Ditto
A note about these two.  Project Muse has current content so some
libraries may cancel subscriptions outside of Muse though publisher will
still be getting revenue from having journals in a Muse package.  On the
other hand, JStor contains older content  only; I doubt any library will
be cancelling a current subscription because that journal is covered by
JStor, unless they really didn't want the title anyway, regardless of
format or coverage.


>Ebsco: Seems efficient, since we all deal with them anyway
>Ingenta: Apparently raises prices a lot
>I appreciate any thoughts.
>Wendy Belcher
>Press Manager
>UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
>193 Haines Hall
>Los Angeles, CA 90095-1544
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