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Re: Nature Dec. 22/29 and Jan. 5 issues Lucy Wrightington 06 Feb 2006 15:06 UTC

Their online site shows clearly two separate issues.
7071 is Dec. 22, and 7072 is Jan. 5.
Since we also didn't receive the Jan. 5 issue, can't check what's on the
print issue.
But it looks like they are wrong about that combined issue numbering.
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We received the Dec. 22/29, 2005 issue of Nature clearly marked volume
438, no. 7071.

I claimed vol. 439, no. 7072, dated Jan. 5.

Now my vendor responded, stating that the Dec. 22/29 issue is actually
no. 7071/7072.  Which I would not even question, except that various
libraries are showing a Dec. 22/29, v. 438, no. 7071 and a Jan. 5, vol.
439, no. 7072.

And where do the Wise Ones of this list weigh in, please?


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