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Re: Small Library Enrique Gildemeister 07 Feb 2006 19:59 UTC

In a message dated 2/7/2006 2:49:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
KBennett@WICHITA.GOV writes:

Here at  Wichita Public Library they used cardex, arranged alphabetically.
Each  time a magazine or newspaper arrived a mark was made on the card to show
it  was received for that date.

Yes, they used to do that a lot in many places I worked.  At some  point, you
go back and see what doesn't seem to be coming in.  These could  be things
you might want to get rid of or else keep.  You can find out if  they're still
being published, or if they're "dead", or simply  "suspended".  Also, make a
note of any missing issues and flag the kardex  card with a plastic, colored

One other thing you might also consider is how to arrange the periodicals  on
the shelf.  Each method has advantages and disadvantages.  If you
alphabetize by title, what do you do with title changes? Or, to bring "families"  of
serials together, you can make up a class number (ugh!) or a simple cutter
number.  Then make  dummies in the other location, or relay on the  catalog to
steer people appropriately (iffy....).

What do you do with publications with the same title?  Good case for  using a
key title or uniform title.

My two bits.

Enrique Gildemeister