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Re: Small Library John Lucas 07 Feb 2006 20:02 UTC

You might try that old "tried and true" system, The Periodical visible
filing record system (tm)? of one title/per/ card and you check off the
boxes when the issues come in.  It has room for publisher, subscription
agent, etc.  Y

If you anticipate an OPAC in the next year or 2, you won't need the
holder, just the cards.

I looked in our Brodart Catalog (oops) 2003 catalog and they have both
Periodical Checking Cards and Periodical Record Cards.  You could
contact them to see if they still make them.

Demco 2006 catalog has their Record Checking Cards on page 54.

I do not have a Brodart Catalog.

John Lucas

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>>> bookend916@GMAIL.COM 2/7/2006 1:24 PM >>>
I am aetting up a small library and I was wondering if anyone had any
suggestions about managing my periodicals.  I am running everything off
spreadsheets right now...a OPAC is in the works for the beginning of
year.  I have a excel list of all my periodicals but I have no way to
verify which ones I have actually recieved each month.  Does anyone
any ideas about how I should set this up?