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Re: best journal hosting sites Michael 28 Feb 2006 23:21 UTC

I assumed my problem with Ingenta was because we switched to a new subscription agent. But the pattern fits your description. Extenza has been extremely unresponsive and unhelpful. Unanswered phone calls, unanswered email, when I do get an answer it is some variation of "we can't" for whatever reason. Highwire seems to be pretty good. Metapress is good too. I have no opinion of the other sites mentioned in other messages.
Michael Lampley
Serials Librarian
Mary Couts Burnett Library
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX 76129--- On Tue 02/28, Stokes, Judith < JStokes@RIC.EDU > wrote:From: Stokes, Judith [mailto: JStokes@RIC.EDU]To: SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDUDate: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:15:34 -0500Subject: Re: [SERIALST] best journal hosting sitesDear Wendy,I think you are very much on topic and really appreciate your asking ouropinions! The one thing I would ask is to PLEASE avoid Ingenta. Everyonce in a while, they just close our holdings at the end of a year, anddon't tell us. This happens with print-includes-electronic accesssubscriptions from small presses or associations. Maybe the bigpublishers report renewals of this sort every year to Ingenta, butwhatever the reason, I sure don't want to have to reregister every timeI renew.As for Highwire, we don't find it difficult at all and we already havelots of e-journals there. Also, we do use Ebsco and they are very goodabout making sure we get electronic access if we pay for it, either witha print subscription or as an
electronic subscription.My library doesn't cancel print subscriptions because of JSTOR coverage,but we do cancel microfilm subscriptions because we rely on JSTOR forthe back-file. On the other hand, we do often cancel print subscriptionsif we have Project Muse coverage, as long as we also have a back-file,either in microfilm or in JSTOR.Good luck with your e-journals,Judith Stokes, Serials LibrarianJames P. Adams LibraryRhode Island CollegeProvidence, RI 02908-1991(401) Message-----From: SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum[mailto:SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDU] On Behalf Of Belcher, WendySent: Monday, February 27, 2006 4:54 PMTo: SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDUSubject: [SERIALST] best journal hosting sitesAs the manager of a small academic press, I wanted to trouble the forummembers with a question a bit off topic (forgive me!). In your opinionsas serial librarians, which electronic journal hosting sites are the"best"? Best being defined as,
perhaps, the most responsive, the bestsearch capability, the cheapest, the most integrated, and so on.We were to have our interdisciplinary (humanities and social science)journal hosted by the University of California Press, but they decidedthat adding outside journals was too much trouble and balked at the lastminute. So I am scrambling to get us online this spring. We used to haveour content online for free, but we found that libraries started tocancel, so we took the content down. We don't have a lot ofinstitutional support and depend on subscriptions to survive.I gather that these are the various journal hosting options we have:HighWire Press: A division of the Stanford University Libraries, whichhosts lots of journals but seems a bit difficult to figure outJStore: Since the older content is free, my impression is that librariesmay cancelProject Muse: DittoEbsco: Seems efficient, since we all deal with them anywayIngenta: Apparently raises prices a lot???I appreciate any
thoughts.Sincerely,Wendy BelcherPress ManagerUCLA Chicano Studies Research Center193 Haines HallLos Angeles, CA 90095-1544Sign up for our free monthly newsletter at!

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