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Re: Skipped or duplicated issue numbers Lynne Weaver (04 Oct 2006 13:32 UTC)

Re: Skipped or duplicated issue numbers Lynne Weaver 04 Oct 2006 13:32 UTC

Morning, Denise and everyone --

One option is to hold the "no.10 September" until the next issue comes.

If it's no.10 October, you know they've recognized and fixed the
printing error: check in the September issue as no.9 and change it on
the issue.

If it's no.11 October, then there's the possibility that they've changed
their publication pattern and you've missed either no.9 September (15?)
or no.9 Special Issue: call them or your jobber to find out.

The other option is to just call them now and ask them.  Even if they
don't have a toll-free number, it's worth the $3 phone call to save you
the hassle (and the library's money for your time, however low your
pay!) to get the "issue" resolved.  I do this often.  I tell the person
at the publisher that I'm posting their response to SERIALST to save
them other phone calls.  If they've changed their pub pattern, I remind
them that doing so without notifying subscribers, especially in
mid-volume, is going to cause them the hassle of receiving claims for
non-published issues.  They are usually blissfully unaware that anyone
uses these numbers at all, and are quite grateful for my disseminating
the info to other library folks.  I get the name of the person I spoke
with, and copy him/her on the e-mail I send to the list, thanking them
for their help.  I hope this helps to get them in the mindset of
thinking how libraries use their publications!

Good luck!

Lynne N. Weaver
Serials Coordinator
Lipscomb Library
Randolph-Macon Woman's College
2500 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA  24503
434 947-8396
434 947-8134 Fax

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We are curious as to how other libraries handle the following situation,
or similar situations:

American City & County  :  V.121, no.8 (2006 Aug) and the next issue is
: V.121, no.10 (2006 Sept.). There does not appear to be a V.121, no.9.

When the publisher skips an issue number or uses the same issue number
for two different issues, what do you do?  In your check-in record
and/or OPAC (We use Voyager), do you use what the publisher actually has
printed on the serial, or do you put what the correct issue number
should be?  What do you do about labeling these issues when binding
them? We are finding this to cause confusion with binding and with

Thanks for any input on or off of the list!


Denise Gullikson
Library Services Assistant-Senior
Andersen Library
P.O. Box 900
Whitewater, WI 53190