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Invitation to submit articles Audrey Fenner 29 Oct 2006 14:21 UTC

You are invited to contribute articles to the "Biz of Acq" column of
_Against the Grain_.

_Against the Grain_ is a practice-oriented library journal that
provides current information on trends and events in the field. The
"Biz of Acq" column features discussions of a variety of topics, by
working librarians.

Following are ideas for "Biz of Acq" articles. Feel free to choose
any of these topics, or one of your own.
*Finding a place: fitting acquisition and management of electronic
resources into a library's organizational structure
*Making a transition to an all-electronic collection
*Managing e-journals
*Role of consortia in serials management
*Coping with budget cuts
*Working with non-U.S. publishers and vendors
*How much do we learn at library conferences?
*Any aspect of library acquisitions and serials management, including
personnel or financial management

Theoretical articles, research reports, "how-to" articles, case
studies, literature reviews and conceptual or opinion pieces are
welcome. Article length should be at least 1300-1500 words.
Contributions may be written by individuals or co-authored.

If you are interested in writing for "Biz of Acq", please contact the
column editor:
Audrey Fenner
Head, Acquisitions, Knowledge Asset Management Group
Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE  LM-220 MS7481
Washington, DC 20540-7481