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Re: Virtual Periodicals Room ? Virginia Taffurelli (05 Oct 2006 18:44 UTC)

Re: Virtual Periodicals Room ? Virginia Taffurelli 05 Oct 2006 18:44 UTC

This might be a good topic to discuss at Creative Ideas in Technical
Services Discussion Group at ALA Mid-winter.  I am copying this message to
the Chairs of this DG.

It also might be an interesting topic for a NASIG Informal Discussion
Group.  Anyone registered for the NASIG annual conference can suggest a DG


Virginia Taffurelli
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             Michel G  Wesseling <m.wesseling@INTER.NL.NET> wrote:

Dear Marilyn and other Serialists,

This is really something of great interest to all libraries. We need means
for our academic staff and students to browse through the newest but also
back issues of their favourite journals and a pplain TOC is not what they

I am sorry to confess that I do not have creative ideas in this area, but I
will certainly follow this discussion and be extremely interested in
libraries that have experimented or set up sites.

Look forward to an encouraging and creative discussion,
Michel Wesseling
Institute of Social Studies (Den Haag, NL)
Head of Library and IT Services

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As more and more of our journals are accessed online, and fewer and
fewer of our subscriptions include print, we are thinking about
innovative ways of displaying journals to our users.

As we begin thinking about this "Virtual Periodicals Room," our
primary audience is faculty.  We're envisioning a graphically-rich
display, beyond A-Z lists and subject pages, perhaps pulling data
from several sources: catalog, electronic resource module, journal
management services, etc.  I'm wondering if anyone would like to share


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