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new serials book STEVE BLACK@FACULTY@ACADEMICAFFAIRS 09 Oct 2006 15:00 UTC

Black, Steve. Serials in libraries: Issues and practices (Westport,
Conn.: Libraries Unlimited), 2006. ISBN 159158258X, 208 pages,
paperback, $45.

  I am pleased to announce the publication of this book on managing
serials in libraries. I wrote it primarily to serve as a textbook for
serials courses in library science programs, but it should also be
helpful to any librarian new to serials management. The book is intended
to complement SCCTP workshops and CONSER publications; it is not a
cataloging guide. I am very grateful for the valuable input generously
provided by Maggie Horn, Jean Hirons, Les Hawkins, an anonymous
reviewer, and others.

    My goal was to create a book that provides a succinct overview of
the myriad issues faced by serials librarians. Each chapter includes
suggestions for further reading to guide those interested in more
detailed treatment of the topics covered.

  The Table of Contents may be viewed at

  The link to the book at Libraries Unlimited is

  Jean Hirons, former CONSER Coordinator, created the cover art. As you
may know, Jean is pursuing her second career as a pastel artist. Jean
mostly creates landscapes, but she graciously agreed to do a still life
for the book cover. See for more on Jean's

  If you read Serials in Libraries, please do not hesitate to contact me
at with your feedback!

Thank you,

Steve Black
Reference, Serials, and Instruction Librarian
Neil Hellman Library
The College of Saint Rose
392 Western Ave.
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 458-5494