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T.H.E. Journal Paula Coulthard 19 Oct 2006 12:51 UTC

We recently discovered that the record in OCLC for T.H.E. journal has been changed.  The indicator 0 has been changed to 4 making the title of the journal, "Journal" instead of THE journal
This involves the print version *2252014, and other versions at *8121768 and *9631551.

"THE journal" stands for "Technological horizons in education journal".

We looked at several pieces here in our library and found THE represented as T.H.E. in all places it occured on the pieces.  The title of this journal IS "THE journal", not just "Journal".

If there is a CONSER library amongst the 1679 libraries holding this title, could they please examine the cataloging and make appropriate changes to the record?


Paula Coulthard

Library Associate, Cataloging Section
Technical Services, Rod Library, UNI
Cedar Falls, IA  50613