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question re: Revista de Biologia Tropical Kemp, Rebecca (20 Oct 2006 19:18 UTC)

question re: Revista de Biologia Tropical Kemp, Rebecca 20 Oct 2006 19:18 UTC

Hi, everyone- today I was asked to locate an article in Revista de
Biologia Tropical, from a citation located in Biological Abstracts:

Article Title: Gelidium sclerophyllum (Gelidiales: Gelidiaceae):
Evaluation of characters for intergeneric segregation
Author: Rodriguez Vargas, Deni; Rivas Lechuga, Gerardo
Source: Revista de Biologia Tropical 1997; 44-45(3-1 PART B): 305-310
Publication year: 1997
ISSN: 0034-7744

I am running into a problem locating this, because my library's copy of
vol. 44(3)/vol. 45(1) says "A Bound as / Empastado como: 44(3) / 45(1) A
& B", but then when I check the page numbers 305-310, the article is not
there.  I also saw a mention of part B on the inside of the back cover:
"General indices appear in/Indices generales en: Vol. 36(2B) & Vol. 41
(3B).  I looked in WorldCat, but I could not find any mention in any of
the records of a Part A or Part B.  Can anyone shed any light on whether
this publication was split into A and B, and whether my library just
does not have Part B?

Thanks very much,

Rebecca Kemp
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