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ChemComm and Molecular BioSystems Linda Cox (20 Oct 2006 19:51 UTC)

ChemComm and Molecular BioSystems Linda Cox 20 Oct 2006 19:51 UTC

Hi everyone,

I am interested in how other libraries have tackled the Chem
Comm/Molecular BioSystems evil conjoined twins.  If you aren't familiar,
every 6th issue of Chem Comm (Chemical Communications ISSN 1359-7345)
comes with an issue of Molecular BioSystems (ISSN 1742-206X) which is
attached to the back, upside-down no less.  On one side, you see the
cover of ChemComm, on the other side is the cover of Molecular

This is a problem I inherited and any information on how you handle them
will be appreciated.

Linda Cox

Linda Newman Cox, M.L.I.S., M.A., Associate Prof.
Head Librarian, Serials & Media Div. and Interlibrary Loan
Northwestern State Univ Libraries
Natchitoches, LA  71497
phone 318.357.4419    fax 318.357.4470