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Harper's Weekly Cataloging OCLC #2441043 Chris Blackman 25 Oct 2006 19:41 UTC

I just ran across this CONSER record in OCLC when I noticed a
discrepancy in our catalog between the OCLC record number for Harper's
Weekly referred to in the 785 link of a previous title and the OCLC
record number for the bibliographic record we had chosen.

It seems that #2441043 is the record of choice for Haper's Weekly
according to the 785 in the previous title (Independent (New York, N.Y.
: 1848)), however, we chose #14183294 (Harper's weekly (1857)), which is
not a CONSER record.  I was ready to swap out the records until I saw
the difference in the Date 2 field (1976 vs. 1916).

I then noticed an odd note in record #2441043 (the CONSER record) which
reads, "Merged into the Independent, May 1916; resumed publication Nov.
15, 1974." I can't imagine that this is correct. Shouldn't this record
have been closed with 1916 and then a new record created for the
publication in 1974?

Could someone at a CONSER library please look into this?



Christine W. Blackman
Catalog Librarian
Williams College Libraries
Williamstown, MA  01267