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Re: Univ. of Chicago Press journals Pennington, Buddy D. (26 Oct 2006 14:29 UTC)

Re: Univ. of Chicago Press journals Pennington, Buddy D. 26 Oct 2006 14:29 UTC

I'm reading the "single geographical location" for the single user as
the campus location, not a specific building location.

We didn't turn on our Chicago titles until 2004.  The
registration/license that we filled out then defined site as being for
"one geographical location" and then state that for university
libraries, we were to list the campus, not the library itself.  As far
as I am concerned, what we filled out will be what is in effect in 2007
as I have not heard or seen anything about a new license for the single
user option.

With that understanding (or misunderstanding!?) we renewed all of our
Chicago titles at the single user level.  We asked about turnaways and
were told that the Chicago Press usage statistics do include turnaway
information so we can track usage to see if we might want to upgrade
some of our titles to the Enterprise level.  We just couldn't justify
the higher price before we had a better understanding of the usage level
for these journals.

I was thinking the Enterprise option would be suited for either a single
location with very high usage or for a system of multiple campuses that
might want to pursue a single purchase for the system.

Buddy Pennington
Serial Acquisitions Librarian
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University Libraries

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Are there other libraries out there that are dissatisfied with the
decision at the Univ. of Chicago Press to offer their journals at two
levels of access:   non-Enterprise (1 geog. location & 1 concurrent
user) and Enterprise-wide (unlimited geog. location and unlimited
users)?   Till this shift, we have had multiple-user access to our UCP
journals at our one location.   Now our access will be reduced to 1
user, unless we pay the 30% higher price.   I have written to UCP to ask

them to offer other alternatives (such as 1 geog. location, 3-5 users)
or at least give us some way of knowing how many users are turned away
so we can make an informed decision about paying the higher cost.

Sandra A. Beehler
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