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Refund of print journals Rabiatul Ahya 20 Nov 2006 02:44 UTC

I'm from an academic library in Malaysian and would like to know how other libraries handle refund for undelivered journals. We have quite a long list of journals not delivered to us yet. Not sure because of geographical location or our local vendors are not competent enough.

The question is how long should we keep a subscription actives after the subscription year has ended? We have cases where vendors delivered 2002 and 2003 issues after we asked for refund, and 2004/ 2005 issues are still coming in. Should we give priority to getting refund or getting the issues so that we'll have a complete bound journal.

Is there any library out there that keeps a subscription file actives for more than 1-2 year s and only asks for refund after that (eg: 2004 still active in 2006). Hope to hear from the list. Thank you.

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