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e-reserve use of e-journal content Aline Soules 20 Nov 2006 17:25 UTC

This is particularly interesting to me because I am working with Donna
Ferullo at Purdue on a book chapter on copyright for the handbook of research
on electronic resource management.

As part of that, we have been gathering information from various types of
libraries on their copyright policies and implementation as regards
electronic resources management, of which e-reserves are obviously a part.

If you are interested in answering our "twenty questions," we would be happy
to add your information to our aggregate data for the book chapter.

Please contact one of us if you are interested in participating.

Aline Soules
Cal State East Bay

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Subject: [SERIALST] e-reserve use of e-journal content

Hello Everyone,

We are currently in the process of reviewing copyright and questions

have come up with regard to e-reserve use. We are looking through all of

our license agreements for restrictive language regarding e-reserve use,

but thus far, have not found any. We just want to cover our bases and

make sure we aren't overlooking any publishers/providers who may

restrict use of e-journal content on e-reserves. Does anyone have any

information on this matter? Any information provided would be greatly


Thanks Much,

Christina Sinkler-Miller

Periodicals/e-Journals Specialist

Carleton College

Northfield, MN 55057