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Purple binding Janie Jones 20 Nov 2006 21:49 UTC

Subject: Purple binding

Hello, SERIALSTers!

I have contacted most/all of the members of the Library Binding Institute.
(I did not contact our northern neighbors, the Canadians).

I am looking for a purple binding for our theses/dissertations; the
mauvy/plum color (630)  that is so prevalent will not do.

At our website, <> , you can see
what shade of purple I am seeking.

Do any of you know of a U.S. binder who offers this color purple?
Hollingsworth in the U.K. does, but I doubt that the powers that be would be
interested in shipping internationally.

Thank you so much!


Janie S. Jones

Periodicals Librarian

Dick Smith Library

Tarleton State University

Box T-0450

Stephenville TX 76402



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Ben Franklin, 1759