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Unknown ISSN Dave Powell 28 Nov 2006 13:14 UTC


I recently cataloged Sacred History Magazine (OCLC number 76149973), but
I have been unable to find an ISSN for it.  I can't find one on the
item, and I talked to someone at the magazine who said he would find out
and get back to me, but that hasn't happened.  The magazine is
relatively new (as of about a year ago), so my local serials resources
are too out of date to list it.  Perhaps my assumption that it even has
an ISSN is misguided, but I would be grateful for any ideas.  Thanks!

Journey well,

David R. Powell

Assistant Librarian

John W. Dickhaut Library

Methodist Theological School in Ohio

3081 Columbus Pike

Delaware, Ohio  43015-8004

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