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Re: ERM Using Microsoft's Access Database Application Pennington, Buddy D. 01 Nov 2006 20:47 UTC

ERM is Electronic Resource Management.  It's basically a "module" to
handle the management of electronic resources.  Storing information such
as licensing terms, acquisitions data, administrative login info, usage
statistics, etc.

Most of your ILS vendors now have ERM components that you can purchase.
Other vendors have them as well (Serials Solutions has one, for

A number of folks out there, of course, built these things before ERMs
existed.  MS Access was a common tool to use.  We tried that here but
simply didn't have the time to maintain it as there was some duplication
between the Access database and our order records in Innovative.  We
basically dropped the Access database and put the needed information in
the Innovative order records (and hope and pray that someday we can
purchase an ERM!!).

Buddy Pennington
Serial Acquisitions Librarian
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University Libraries

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What's ERM? I'm guessing that it's Electronic Records Management, maybe?

I made an Access database to manage all of our serials records, physical

and electronic, if you're interested in what I've learned.


Narda Tafuri wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I did not receive much of a response to my original request -- so I am

> sending it out again. I was contacted by a couple of people that are
> interested in developing an Access database to handle this type of
> info. but do not have one right now.  So, now  I am interested in
> finding either folks that may currently be using a MS Access database
> to do ERM *OR* folks that may be interested in being involved in
> developing an ERM database cooperatively.
> If you are currently using MS Access for this purpose, OR if you have
> been thinking that you would like to develop an MS Access database but

> have not had the time, etc. and would like to be part of a cooperative

> effort to create one, please contact me directly at:
> Thank you!
> Narda Tafuri


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