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Print + Online Periodicals - anyone not check in print? Pamela Contakos 03 Nov 2006 16:21 UTC

Hi everyone,

We get a number of journals that we would really only like to get the electronic version of but the publisher only offers the print + online option.  In terms of pricing that is usually fine with me since I tend not to save that much by just going online and they are titles that we have to have anyway. However, we are trying to reduce our physical collection of periodicals both in terms of labor and supplies to process the journals and in space that they take up.

My question is, is anyone else in the position of getting a print + online journal in which they don't want the print so they don't actually check in and process the print for their collection? I am considering not adding the print titles to the periodicals collection and just having the online available but it seems so wasteful to just get rid of the print when it comes in.  Maybe I could contact the publisher and ask them not to send the print? Any other ideas? Is any one else dealing with this?

Pamela Contakos
Assistant Director
Donald B. Watt Library
School for International Training
Brattleboro, VT 05301