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Journal inventory using the SirsiDynix inventory module Sylvia McAphee 13 Nov 2006 14:33 UTC

Good morning!

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has done or is in the process
of doing a journal bar coding inventory project.  I am particularly
interested in what inventory system/module you used and any
problems/complications you ran across.  We use SirsiDynix and it does
have an inventory module.  However, I have been informed that this
module was designed to inventory items with call numbers, not items that
do not have call numbers like journals.  Any information you would be
willing to share with me would be most appreciated.  If you are a site
who uses SirsiDynix, what did you do as a work-around to this? You can
respond to me directly at:

Thank you in advance!


Sylvia McAphee
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