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Self-Archiving and Journal Subscriptions: Flawed Method and No Data Pennington, Buddy D. 13 Nov 2006 17:29 UTC

I don't know what the sample size would be, but at least one journal,
Nucleic Acids Research, went OA. There are probably others out there as
well. If we could examine those for cancellation rates after they became
freely available online you would have some data.

Interestingly enough, we here at UMKC still subscribe to the print (from
Oxford UP), but I am curious to know how many folks out there cancelled
their subscriptions once the content became freely available.  As Rick
mentioned (and I agree) a great many of us would probably stop paying
money for stuff we could get for free.

Buddy Pennington

Serial Acquisitions Librarian

University of Missouri - Kansas City

University Libraries