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ALA meeting - Cataloging Locally Digitized Resources Renette Davis 04 Jan 2007 19:39 UTC

Those of you who are digitizing resources in your local institutions and
trying to figure out how to get the records into the Registry of Digital
Masters may be interested in attending the following meeting.

Renette Davis


Intellectual Access to Preservation Data Interest Group
Saturday, January 20, 2007: 4-6pm
2B WCC (Convention Center)

Guidance for Cataloging Locally Digitized Resources for the Registry of
Digital Masters

The program will include:

1)    Background on the Registry of Digital Masters and MARC fields used in
digital registry records;

2)    Discussion of the draft document, "Guidance for Cataloging Locally
Digitized Resources"

(This document has been developed by a group comprising members from:
CONSER, CIC Heads of Cataloging, CIC Heads of Preservation, the PARS
Intellectual Access to Preservation Data Interest Group, the DLF Registry
of Digital Masters Working Group, and staff from the Library of Congress
and OCLC.)


Welcome and announcements                  Tyra Grant, Interest Group
co-chair (University of Kansas)
Overview and background                          Sherry Byrne (University
of Chicago)
Introduction to the Digital Registry              Glenn Patton (OCLC)
Introduction to the 583 field                         Debra McKern (Library
of Congress)
Cataloging guidelines to date                      Renette Davis
(University of Chicago)
Harvard practice and perspective               Steven Riel (Harvard)
Questions and discussion                          All speakers above plus
Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress)