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Print newsletters moving to e-mail Stephanie Larrison 30 Jan 2007 19:48 UTC

We are noticing a trend of some smaller print newsletters moving to e-mail
distribution only.

So far we have seen three varieties:

Aviso (0739-7747)– email links to a web-version.  Libraries are authorized to
post the electronic version, or print out the entire newsletter.

State Capitals Newsletter- (0016-1705) .pdf will be emailed.  Printing is limited
to 5 copies.  Specifies: “do not forward email outside of subscriber’s

WEF highlights (1087-3384) – a link to electronic newsletter will be emailed
out for each issue.  We don’t have details yet, but it appears you have to
have to log in on the website. Unkown whether the newsletter can be easily
printed.  We have been unsucessful in contacting the publisher to provide
them an email address as instructed.

Are others noticing this trend?
If so how are you handling this?

- Cancelling the subscription?
- Printing out the newsletter?
- Posting the newsletter on a local server?
- Forwarding the newsletter to interested parties?
- Other

Curiously, we have not yet received anything from the publishers since we
provided them with an email address.

If you choose, you may reply off list to

Thank you,

Stephanie Larrison
Serials Acquisition Librarian
Texas State University - San Marcos