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Re: Student Publications van Sickle, Jennifer 31 Jan 2007 20:33 UTC

At least for the sciences, the best way for a student to get her
publication noticed is to publish in a peer-reviewed journal along with
her faculty advisor(s).  We would not normally add external student-only
publications, especially if they are unsolicited.  There are always
labor and shelf space costs, even if the items are 'free'.

Jennifer van Sickle
Serials Librarian & Sciences Coordinator
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106

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Hello Everyone,

We were just approached by a student who was wondering what the best way

to get her student publication disbursed among other libraries,
specifically college libraries was. In the past, her group had sent out
the publication to numerous libraries, but fears that it went unnoticed
by most. We began to wonder how others approached student publications,
whether they were interested in adding them to their collections, and if

so, the best way for the students to get their publication noticed.

Thanks for any input!
Christina Sinkler-Miller
Periodicals/e-Journals Specialist
Laurence McKinley Gould Library
Carleton College
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057