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Budgets & directors Weyer, Shelley 09 Jan 2007 03:29 UTC


I could use some help with some ideas pertaining to having a budget that is billed by the year but needing to fit this information into an academic year budget.  I am sure that we are not the only university that has this dilemma.  What have you done to work with EBSCO who has an annual billing cycle and your university who has an academic year budget?  How were you able to have your director understand this cycle and work with it as best as possible?

I am reminded of the Christmas movie, "Christmas Vacation" where the mother tells her daughter that "....we're all in misery"! This is how I feel. I know they want something exact but I just can not deliver.

We have an annual billing cycle from EBSCO, the university insists on an accurate guess as to our budget for serials in 07-08 but we have the academic year budget cycle.  I try very hard to explain what the numbers should look like for the following year with a 10% increase but they do not like the numbers being so vague.

help. :-(

Shelley Weyer
Serials Technican
Seattle Pacific University Library