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Last chance to take ACQNET/AcqWeb Survey Eleanor Cook 09 Jan 2007 16:46 UTC

On December 13th, I posted a message about a survey we are conducting.

If you missed this message, lost it in the holiday shuffle, or just
never got around to it, you still have a chance to respond.  We will
close the survey on TUES. JANUARY 16.

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey for us.  It's at:

Thanks so much for your time.
Eleanor Cook
Chief Editor, ACQNET-L

-----------Original message:

Date:  Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:32:54 -0500
From:  Eleanor Cook (Chief Editor, ACQNET-L) <>
Subject: If you care about ACQNET and AcqWeb - PLEASE READ THIS

Greetings Subscribers of ACQNET!

It's been a very long time since I have addressed you all this way as
Chief Editor, but we need your attention concerning a survey that the
ACQNET Editorial Board and I think is rather important.  So PLEASE take
the time to read this, if you will.

I know there are many surveys out there right now - but this one is
different - it's fast and easy and it's important for our future - see:

Many of you know AcqWeb - ACQNET's sister web site -
This is where the ACQNET archives are located, along with our editorial
policy and subscriber instructions.  But AcqWeb has been far more than
that in its history.  Before Yahoo and Google and similar search
engines, AcqWeb was one of the best avenues for Acquisitions folks to
find publisher web sites and other useful resources related to the
day-to-day activities of acquiring library materials.  AcqWeb was
created in 1994 and was faithfully
maintained for many years by Anna Belle Leiserson, at Vanderbilt
University. Since 2004 AcqWeb has lived at Appalachian State U.and has
maintained by Paul Orkiszewski.  Unfortunately, Paul has not been able
to keep AcqWeb up-to-date and maintenance has been hit or miss. Indeed,
not much has been updated since the transfer occurred.  So we want to
review the usefulness of AcqWeb and determine what next to do with it.

A second interesting development has to do with ACQNET the list.  Some
of you may have heard that other independent discussion lists have made
moves recently or are about to do so.  The LidAdmin list, which was
moderated for years by Pamela Bluh, has moved to ALA's LAMA Division -

AUTOCAT, the list for cataloging topics, is in the process of looking
for a new home as I write.  While ACQNET's home at Appalachian State is
secure as far as I know, we think it's time to look at the current
technologies available and determine if there might be better ways to
manage the information we want to provide for acquisitions work.

So we have developed a very short, hopefully uncomplicated SURVEY that
we would like you to complete.  We have been talking about doing this
survey for almost 2 years and I, like Paul (and probably like you too!)
have not had to time to devote to thinking about this and then doing
something about it. So finally, here it is, and we REALLY want to hear
from you!

The survey is available at:

We know that some of you might be just as happy if nothing changes with
ACQNET the list and that's OK, tell us that if you want to.
But we know we have to do something with AcqWeb, and soon.

This message is being posted to ACQNET-L, CollDev-L, SERIALST, and
thanks to Pamela Bluh, to appropriate discussion lists within AALL.

Please take the survey - and we thank you!

Eleanor Cook
Chief Editor, ACQNET-L

Eleanor I. Cook
Serials Coordinator & Professor
Belk Library, ASU Box 32026
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608-2026
828-262-2773 (fax)