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ALA serials?? Pennington, Buddy D. 12 Jan 2007 15:14 UTC

Hi all,

A couple of years ago, our LIS coordinator had us order a number of
smaller ALA publications, such as Interfaces (Association of Specialized
and Cooperative Library Agencies).  We promptly placed orders through
Swets but we have noticed a number of problems with these titles.
Primarily, we are not getting the issues.  We've been working with Swets
to get this corrected but have not had much luck.

Have others out there been more successful in getting these for your
library?  If so, did you go through a subscription agent or direct?  I
am starting to think I should drop these from Swets and go to the

Thanks all.

Buddy Pennington

Serial Acquisitions Librarian

University of Missouri - Kansas City

University Libraries