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Re: LHR update problem with the 007 field Gunnarson, Martha (16 Jan 2007 19:20 UTC)

Re: LHR update problem with the 007 field Gunnarson, Martha 16 Jan 2007 19:20 UTC

This problem is also being discussed on UL-L.


I reported this to Connexion Support yesterday.

Martha Gunnarson
Assistant Director, Serials (a.k.a. Serials Librarian)
Gordon Library, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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From: Union Listing Discussion [mailto:UL-L@OCLC.ORG] On Behalf Of Judith M.
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:10 PM
Subject: Problems with 007 in LHRs

Is anyone else having problems with the 007 in LHRs?

When I expand the field to edit, the Category of Resource [00] is
changing to a and the other fields are all wacky.

I don't see anything in the system alerts or the known problems list.


Judith M. Shelton, Asst. Head, Catalog Dept.
University Library, Georgia State University

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From: SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum
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Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 12:19 PM
Subject: [SERIALST] LHR update problem with the 007 field

Is anyone having problems updating 007?  After applying the correction
the display reads as "undefineda" but it will not let me open the field
back up.  When I completed the corrections and replaced the record I
received an error message "Invalid code in Category of  Resource
(007/0)".  I could not get it opened from here either to correct it.  I
also tried logging out and then back in (several times) without any

Can anyone help?

Rhonda Schueler

Serials/ILL Specialist


832-813-6587  fax 832-813-6614