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Re: [SERIALIST]: Students and Checkin Mays, Allison 17 Jan 2007 19:09 UTC

We used to have students check in serials, but this was because we had a
long-time staffer in serials who basically could not see and had other
health problems. The students had to do the checkin. And we had one
student who was particularly good at it - and has since become a

Now I have a serials assistant who is very particular and would just
rather do it himself. I agree, because he does a fabulous job. But it's
also due to workflow: we need labels because we shelve in call number
order, and it's a little complicated in Sirsi. We just don't want
students doing it. Also, it's less of an issue because we have cancelled
a lot of print titles and it just doesn't take as long.

If my serials assistant needs help, we take other duties off of him,
like shelving.

The issue isn't just "will you use students to checkin serials" - the
issue is "WHICH students will you let checkin serials?" If you get the
right one, it can be a fabulous help. Get the wrong one and you'll spend
a lot of time going in behind them making corrections. You have to
decide if it's worth the time in training and supervision.

Allison P. Mays
Coordinator of Acquisitions & Cataloging
Millsaps College
1701 N. State Street
Jackson, MS 39210

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Dear Serialist:

If you have a minute to reply to me off-list, I'd appreciate learning
how many folks (if any...) utilize students to perform basic checkin
functions within their library's online system? If yes--do students only
checkin certain categories? Or everything?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Laurel P. Cochrane
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