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[SERIALIST]: SUMMARY: Students and Checkin Laurel Cochrane 23 Jan 2007 18:11 UTC

Hello Serialists--
Thanks very much to everyone who responded to my query. All 50 replies came from academic or special libraries. 45 indicated that student workers perform checkin functions within the library's online system, although 2 referred to the use of students as 'occasional' (when short-staffed, etc.) 5 libraries indicated that students are not assigned any checkin functions.

Most respondents indicated that students are responsible for 'most' to 'all' routine checkin, with problems and complex titles routed to staff. Most also indicated general satisfaction with their students' performance, but emphasized the importance of adequate training and continued oversight. Another recurrent theme was the importance of recruiting the 'right' students, i.e., students who are conscientious, and who have demonstrated close attention to detail when performing other assignments.

Thanks again!

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