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Re: Angewandte Chemie change in 2007 Kathryn Dalius (24 Jan 2007 21:41 UTC)

Re: Angewandte Chemie change in 2007 Kathryn Dalius 24 Jan 2007 21:41 UTC

We set up predictions using Mondays as the DATE.

	v. 46 no. 1 Jan 1, 2007
	v. 46 no. 2 Jan 8, 2007 [and so on...]

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I wanted to know how others are treating the title, Angewandte Chemie?

The first issue arrived without an exact publication date (normally
found in the lower left corner of the cover).  The only real
indication of date was "1st & 2nd January Issues", located in the
upper right corner of the cover.  Prior to 2007, both dates were
listed on the cover and the exact publication date was always about 2
weeks prior to the more generic date in the upper right corner.

What I have found is that the exact date is provided when you look on
the publisher's web-site.  For the "1st & 2nd January Issues", the
exact date is December 18, 2006.  I emailed the publisher and was
told that my observations were correct --

"The print issue will no longer have a publication date, because the
issue (and the article itself) is published days or weeks before the
version and that's the relevant publication dates. On the print issue we
have the additional information" First January issue", "Second January
issue", and so on...."

Our Science Librarian would like to have the online "exact"
publication date used, which will mean that we must look-up the title
each time a new issue is received.  We will also be hand-writing the
exact date on the issues.  What are others doing?



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