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Libraries  do operate under budget constraints, and a decision to
purchase x is a decision not to purchase y, so an implicit or explicit
hierarchy of value is being applied.  Libraries also have institutional
missions (generally and optimally not defined by the staff of these
libraries), which may or may not be advanced by public distribution of
shots of Beyonce in a bikini.  There is a commercial market for serving
appetites of various sorts.  No need for librarians to act as mediators.

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What, exactly, does the content of the magazine have to do with this
matter?  We are a *library*, and generally, libraries aren't into

We paid for the issue; we're entitled to the issue.


William Walsh wrote:

>I'd be surprised if many taxpayers in Georgia were appalled that their
money didn't fund a library's receipt of pictures of Beyonce in a
>Time handled this poorly, but the situation hardly seems scandalous.


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