Standard practices re: vol. numbers for combined issues or skipped issues? Mari Keefe 05 Mar 2007 17:21 UTC

Hello all-

I  hope this is not  a repeat request and that it is an appropriate
request. I did try to  search the archives.

This is an area outside my  expertise.

I have been  asked to find out if there are standard  practices for
numbering volumes that  serials engage in  in when issues are  combined or

Right now we include a Vol. number , with No. X," where X corresponds to
the week of the year.

We'll be producing one combined issue this year, so we will effectively be
skipping an issue.  Is it standard practice to *not* skip a number, even
though we're skipping an issue? How do other magazines that do double
issues during the year treat this?

Thank you,


Mari Keefe
Research Manager

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